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Question  Students as part-time assistants, must the school help me insured the labor insurance?
Answer Not necessarily, if you are a part-time research assistant or teaching assistant who has learning as the main purpose and scope, such as course study or service learning, and there is no consideration for work and remuneration, it is not applicable to labor insurance.
Question When should I apply for insurance? During the period of the insurance?
Answer As a part-time assistant (worker), he/she will apply for insurance on the day of his employment. In order to avoid affecting the rights and interests of the workers, all units are required to submit the labor insurance application form, the photocopy of the documents (contract) and the identity card on the 5th day before the service date. The reverse photo book and the health insurance transfer order (not included in the health insurance exemption) are sent to the personnel office to facilitate the timely processing of the insurance. The period of the insurance period must be the same as the employment period of the labor contract. If the arrival date is a holiday or a national holiday, you can reinstate the labor insurance and surrender work on the first working day after the holiday (example: August 1, 104, the job is on Saturday, can be extended to August) 3 days for labor insurance plus insurance).
Question If I am a student, can I only apply for a concurrent assistant and cannot be a temporary worker? Are foreign students suitable?
Answer Those who have student status shall apply in accordance with the concurrent assistant regulations, and shall exercise the labor-type or learning-type type of consent. If the original temporary workers provide labor services on a daily, on-time basis or on a piece-by-piece basis, they may apply for a labor-type concurrent assistant. School students participate in the school's plans as well.
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