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Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
DirectorTien-Fu Hung1050Email 
Executive Officer and Section ChiefMing-Feng Hsieh1051Email● Draft rules and regulations related to personnel matters.
● Organize and process posts and vacancies.
● Issue and process documents related to faculty member transfers and dismissals.
● Process faculty member payrolls, rewards, and bonuses.
● Process appointments, promotions, and qualification evaluation of faculty members.
● Prepare and schedule Faculty Evaluation Committee meetings and record meeting minutes.
● Process all matters related to faculty review.
● Process unpaid leave of absence.
● Handle and process the signing of appointment and resignation documents.
● Coordinate and process leave applications of faculty members.
● Register and process personnel transfers.
● Process signing and certification for administrative service and/or resignation of faculty members.
Section Chief and Section ChiefYu-Fang Chen1053Email● Organize and devise personnel performance evaluations and assessments.
● Process personnel bonuses, rewards, and incentives.
● Prepare and schedule Personnel Evaluation Committee meetings and take meeting minutes.
● Arrange and coordinate continuing education and workplace training for faculty members.
● Register and process new personnel recruits.
● Draft policy and regulation handbook for faculty members.
約聘組員Chiao-Ling Huang1052Email● Process retirement of faculty members.
● Process severance package of faculty members.
● Process pension fund of faculty members.
● Register and process payroll of contract personnel.
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